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Freckles and sunburn (ages 8-10)

Good Skin Knowledge lesson plan

Time: 30 minutes


Students will be able to:

  • State what freckles are and what causes them

  • State what melanin is



  1. At the end of the Introduction to New Material, check for questions and/or clarifications.

  2. During Closing, review the poem as a class and ask questions to check for understanding.


8 min

Materials: My Freckles handout

  • Hand out My Freckles poem to students.

  • Read the poem energetically to students as they follow along or ask students to read different parts of the poem.

  • After the reading is done, ask the students what they think the poem is about.

  • Then ask students if they know where freckles come from. You can say there’s a hint in the poem.

  • Explain that today they will be learning about why we get freckles.

Introduction to new material

15-20 min

Materials: None.

  1. Explain

  2. Check for questions/clarifications.

Guided practice



5-7 min

Materials: None

  • Review the poem again and ask students, “So if you have freckles, where do they come from?”

  • Ask, “What else can you get from the sun besides freckles? It’s almost the same thing, but instead of patches of freckles, you get an all-over color?”

  • Ask, “When you see freckles on your skin or have a tan, what does that mean for your skin?”

  • Ask, “What is melanin?”