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Frequently asked questions for volunteers

An AAD Camp Discovery participant horseback riding with camp volunteers

These frequently asked questions provide answers to how to become a volunteer, what experience is needed, and the length of time volunteers are required to be at camp.

Q: How do I apply to volunteer?
A: Applications are available beginning in mid-January of each year and can be completed directly online. Three references and one letter of recommendation are also required.

Q: Can I apply if I do not have a medical background?
A: Yes, the majority of our volunteers are non-medical and the role is that of a cabin counselor.

Q: Do I need experience working with children?
A: Experience is helpful, however, not mandatory. Applications are reviewed carefully and selection is based on experience with children as well as other general experiences such as school and work, expectations for the volunteer positions, reasons why you chose to apply, etc. You need to be comfortable and enthusiastic about entertaining and supervising children.

Q: Do I need to volunteer for the entire week?
A: Yes. Volunteering for part of the week is challenging as it disrupts the continuity of the cabin group as well as presents an issue regarding adequate supervision.

Job descriptions

View job descriptions for medical volunteers and cabin counselors.

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