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Support Camp Discovery

Donate to Camp Discovery

Fun, friendship, and independence are on the top of everyone’s agenda. And, everyone shares in the discovery of what it’s like to be included. Your gift ensures that children with chronic skin conditions will continue to benefit from a week of fun and adventure, while meeting others facing similar challenges and learning they are not alone. Your gift truly makes a difference! Support Camp Discovery by making a donation, which can help send a child to camp next summer.

Volunteer your time

The success of AAD's Camp Discovery also depends on dedicated dermatologists and nurses who volunteer their time to ensure that the medical needs of each camper are met.

  • Volunteers can select the week which is most convenient for them.

  • There is no cost for volunteers to attend. All fees, including transportation are provided by the American Academy of Dermatology.

  • Each location accepts a number of cabin counselors and medical staff.

The online application will be open from January 10 - April 2, 2024. For more information, please call the AAD office at (847) 240-1737 or email jmueller@aad.org.

You help make a difference

What does it take to put a smile on the face of young person with a skin disorder? AAD’s Camp Discovery program and you. Campers make friends, find acceptance, and are free to be themselves. Camp Discovery provides these children a sense of community and fun, at no cost to their families. Learn more and help support the impact of this summer camp experience.

Refer a child

Every child must be referred by his/her dermatologist. The camper referral form can be downloaded by the referring dermatologist or by the child's parent/guardian.

Host a fundraising event to benefit Camp Discovery

Fundraising events hosted by you are fun, creative ways to raise awareness and funds for Camp Discovery in your community. Your special event – a house sale, a bar mitzvah, a 5K – can be a great way to give back to Camp Discovery. Contact us to learn how you can host a fundraising event.