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What kids should know about warts

Warts are small bumps that can show up on your hands, face or even the bottom of your feet. Ugh! But guess what?  Lots of kids get warts. They're more common in kids, but adults can get them, too. Warts are caused by a germ called a virus but aren't serious and won't seriously hurt you. But they spread easily on your body and from kid to kid.

If you ignore your warts, they probably will go away on their own. If you are tired of looking at them or if they hurt (especially if they're on the bottom of your feet), ask your mom or dad to help you get rid of them. You can buy some medicine at the store that might work. Or your parents can take you to a skin doctor (dermatologist). The skin doctor can check to be sure that you really do have warts. If you do, the skin doctor has many treatments that can help get rid of the warts.

The bumps might not be warts, but something like warts called molluscum contagiosum. That's a mouthful! The name tells you that these bumps are contagious. That means they spread easily, too. Like warts, a virus causes molluscum. They will go away without treatment but it can take a long, long time, like a year, or sometimes even five years. The skin doctor can treat molluscum, too.

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