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What kids should know about skin cancer

Skin cancer is something that kids hardly ever get, so you probably don't think about it much. But lots of grown-ups get skin cancer and often it's because of things they did — or didn't do — when they were kids.

They might have had bad sunburns. Or they got really dark tans. They didn't protect themselves from the sun when they were outside. 

The main reason people get skin cancer is that they were exposed to too much sun on their skin, especially when they were young. There's no way to know for sure who will get skin cancer some day and who won't. And most kinds of skin cancer can be cured if you see it and go to the doctor right away. But if you protect your skin from the sun now, there's a better chance you won't get skin cancer in the first place. You'll also get fewer wrinkles and ugly brown spots.