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What kids should know about preventing scars

Some scars are hard to avoid, like after surgery or the chickenpox. There are some things you can do to prevent scars caused by injuries like skinned knees and deep scratches. Here are some important safety tips: 

  • Always wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, or safety glasses when riding your bike, roller skating or playing sports.

  • Make sure any equipment that you use or ride on is in good condition. Your equipment needs a tune-up if you see sharp edges, rust spots, dents or scratched paint.

  • Play in safe areas. Look on the ground for glass, metal or even plastic bottles with sharp edges that could cut your skin.

  • Tell a parent if you get a cut, scrape or more serious injury.

  • If your cut requires a bandage, listen to your parents about how to care for it. Keep the cut clean to keep out germs and remember to change the bandage.

  • If your cut requires stitches, listen to your doctor's advice on how to care for them. Following your doctor's directions could prevent a scar.