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What kids should know about pimples

Acne comes from an old Greek word that means "skin eruption." Yep, ancient Greek kids had pimples, too! 

Before you learn what really causes pimples, let's set a few things straight. Recent research shows that diet may have some effect on acne. We dermatologists recommend eating a healthy and balanced diet. If you think there is a food that aggravates your acne you may want to avoid it and talk to your skin doctor about it. 

OK, so what causes pimples?

If you look closely at your face in a mirror, you can see tiny holes in your skin. These are called pores. Inside the pores, you'll find: 

  • Oil. 

  • Dead skin cells. 

  • Bacteria. 

These things are normal and were there before you had pimples. The oil makes your hair shiny and keeps your skin from getting too dry, so it's a good thing. But then something called puberty happens. This is a time when your body starts to change in many ways. 

  • Your skin starts making too much oil. 

  • The oil, dead skin cells and bacteria plug up the pores. 

The result? Pimples.