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What kids should know about getting rid of lice

Getting rid of lice

If you have lice, don't panic! They are harmless (but annoying!) and your parents can help you get rid of them.

illustration of girl taking steps to get rid of lice

Your parents will need to help you get rid of lice. Here's what they should do:

  1. Shampoo your hair with a special product that kills lice.

  2. Use a lice comb that comes with shampoo to get the nits out of your hair. Your parents may need to use this treatment more than once. It's not fun to sit while your parents comb through your hair, but it's better than having an itchy head or having to cut off all of your hair. 

If your parents are having a hard time getting rid of lice, they might want to take you to see your doctor, or a skin doctor (dermatologist), who also treats hair.

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