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What kids should know about lice: Creepy crawlies in your hair

Lice make your head itch

If your head has been extra itchy lately, and you think you feel things moving around on your scalp, you might have lice. Yuck!

Illustration of boy scratching head

Lice are tiny bugs about the size of a sesame seed that like to live in human hair. Like mosquitoes, they feed on your blood. When they bite your scalp, it itches. 

Here are some things you should know about lice:

  • They don't fly or jump. They spread when kids put their heads together or share hats, scarves, combs, or brushes. So try not to do that with your friends.

  • Having them doesn't mean you're dirty. Lice are perfectly happy in clean or dirty hair.

  • They're very common, especially in kids.

  • You can get rid of them.

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