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What kids should know about nail biting

We all have habits. Nail biting is a common one. Lots of kids do it, and even some adults. But if you bite your nails, you really need to try to stop. Here's why:

  • It can make the skin around your nails bleed and your fingers feel sore. 

  • Your nails really look bad when you bite them. If you do it long enough, they could look bad forever. 

  • You could get an infection in your fingers. That's because when you bite your nails, you can create little open sores that let in germs. Nail biting can cause problems with your teeth, and even an infection in your gums. It's bad news.

The good news is fewer adults bite their nails than kids, which means as they get older, lots of people just stop doing it. In the meantime, try to pay more attention to when you bite your fingernails, and stop yourself when you are. If you have a hard time, you might want to ask your mom or dad to buy special stuff at the store to put on your nails. It makes them taste awful. It won't hurt you, but as soon as you start to bite, you'll get that awful taste, which will remind you to stop.