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See how the sun damages your skin

A UV photograph gives us a safe way to see how the sun damages our skin.

In the UV photos that appear below on the right, you can see what hidden sun damage looks like. Compare these UV photos with the color photos on the left. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see how much sun damage can accumulate with age.

The more sun damage we accumulate, the greater our risk for developing skin cancer and prematurely aged skin.

Photo of 18 month old boy with no signs of sun damage on skin

18 months of age

This boy's UV photo (right) shows he does not have sun-damaged skin.

UV damage on 4 year old showing freckling across nose and cheeks

4 years of age

Early sun damage starts to show. Notice the freckling across his nose and cheeks in the UV photo (right).

Hidden UV sun damage on teenager's face

17 years of age

This teenager's UV photo (right) shows that she already has a significant amount of hidden sun damage.

Clearly visible hidden UV sun damage on 37 year old woman

37 years of age

This woman's hidden sun damage is clearly visible in her UV photo (right).

Prematurely aged skin from UV sun damage on face of 52 year old woman

52 years of age

The sun has prematurely aged this woman's skin. In her UV photo (right), you can see the extent of her hidden sun damage.

Extensive UV sun damage on 64 year old woman's face

64 years of age

This beach-community resident's skin chronicles a lifetime of sun exposure. Her UV photo (right) reveals the true extent of the sun damage.

Photos provided courtesy of David H. McDaniel, MD, FAAD