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Skin cancer: Types and treatment

Skin cancer

What is skin cancer?
It’s an abnormal growth of skin cells, which is usually caused by the sun’s harmful rays.

Caught early, skin cancer is highly treatable.

Is skin cancer contagious? No

Woman looking suspicious mole in hospital room
Overview: Common types of skin cancer

Millions of Americans develop skin cancer every year. Knowing these warning signs could help you find it early when it’s highly treatable.

Bright sun shining in blue sky with starburst effect
Basal cell carcinoma

Have you had a lot of sun exposure or used tanning beds? If so, be sure you can recognize signs of the most common skin cancer.

Dermatologist performing surgical removal of a cancerous spot on patient's face
Squamous cell carcinoma

Although this common type of skin cancer rarely spreads, treatment is essential. Find out how dermatologists diagnose and treat it.

Diagnosis melanoma in a medical form on the doctor desk

Created especially for people with melanoma, this information can answer your questions about diagnosis, treatment, and self-care.

Portrait of a senior man
Merkel cell carcinoma

More people are developing this rare and aggressive skin cancer, which can be mistaken for a pimple. Do you have an increased risk?

A dermatologist examining a pimple-like growth on a patient
Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP)

This rare skin cancer tends to grow slowly and can look harmless. See what it often looks like and why you need to treat it.

Mature woman with finger on eyelid looking into a mirror.
Sebaceous cell carcinoma

Do you have a painless, firm growth on your eyelid that treatment cannot get rid of? Here’s why you should see a dermatologist now.