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Hair Loss Resource Center

Hair Loss Resource Center

If you’re noticing thinning, shedding, or bald spots, this dermatologists’ insight can help you discover what steps to take. In many cases, hair loss can be stopped or treated.

What can treat hair loss?

You’ll find many treatment options for hair loss. Before you choose one, it's essential to know what's casusing your hair loss.

Is your hairstyle causing hair loss?

If you frequently wear your hair tightly pulled back, it can lead to hair loss. Find out how to keep your sense of style without losing your locks.

Women get female pattern hair loss

Signs include a widening part and overall thinning. Found early, treatment can help.

Do you have hair loss or hair shedding?

If you have hair shedding, your hair will regrow without treatment. Here’s how to distinguish between hair loss and hair shedding.

New moms may see their hair fall out

It’s normal to see noticeable hair loss a few months after having a baby. Find out why this happens and what can help.

A hair transplant can give you natural-looking results

If you have enough donor hair, a hair transplant may be a treatment option. It’s used to treat both men and women.

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