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Before getting cosmetic treatment, ask questions

Cosmetic treatments may look easy. But knowing whether a treatment is safe for you and can deliver the results you want requires in-depth medical knowledge of the skin. Dermatologists have this unique training.

Without this training, complications become more common. One woman had blisters, swelling, and bruises on her face. A family doctor had injected her face with a chemical used to treat leg veins. Yes, leg veins. Another woman had a burn on her upper lip after having laser hair removal at a medical spa.

After developing complications, these women saw a dermatologist for corrective treatment. Thankfully, the problems were treatable. In speaking with a reporter, one woman said it was a traumatic experience. She urged others not to make the same mistake.

To help you get the best results from a cosmetic treatment, the Academy offers the following resources:


Who should be performing your cosmetic treatment? (3:24)
Includes a list of questions you should ask before receiving a cosmetic treatment

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Laser hair removal: Is it right for you?



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