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Camp commissary

When you choose a gift from the Camp Commissary, you'll help make camp possible for another group of kids.

Camp Commissary T-Shirt illustration
$10: T-shirt

One child's t-shirt to commemorate their camp experience.

Camp Commissary activity illustration
$25: Camp activity

A child's horseback riding, archery, or zip-lining class.

Camp Commissary medical supplies illustration
$50: Medical supplies

Ensure camp is stocked with the proper dermatology supplies.

Camp Commissary meals illustration
$100: Meals & s'mores

One child's meals and snacks.

Camp Commissary lodging illustration
$200: Lodging

Housing fees for one child.

Camp Commissary A day at camp illustration
$250: A day at camp

One day's camp costs for a child.

Camp Commissary mini-adventure illustration
$774: Mini camp adventure

Three days of camping fun for a child.

Camp adventure illustration
$1,800: Camp adventure

A week-long camp experience for a child.

Camp Commissary customize gift illustrations
Customize your gift

Your gift will help ensure that Camp Discovery continues to be available each summer.

Camp Discovery commissary quotes