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What you can support

The AAD is proud to make an impact on communities, local, and abroad. Learn more and help support our mission to promote Healthy Skin, Healthy Lives®.

Skin Cancer Screenings

Dermatologists performing skin cancer screening

Early detection. We’ve seen it make a difference. That’s why free skin cancer screenings are a top priority for us. Your support and participation can literally save lives.

SPOT me infographic

Camp Discovery

Camp Discovery campers

What does it take to put a smile on the face of young person with a skin disorder? AAD’s Camp Discovery program and you. Volunteer your time, donate, and help kids have the summer experience they deserve.

Camp discovery infographic

Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™

Skin Cancer Take A Hike

With AAD’s Skin Cancer Take a Hike!™ you can join a hike in your area or donate to an upcoming hike. This program supports skin cancer screenings, provides grants to install shade structures, and provides sunscreen dispensers to communities throughout the U.S. Every step is a step towards a world without skin cancer. So step on it!

Skin Cancer Take A Hike infographic

Shade Structures

Shade structure

AAD Shade Structures are shading outdoor locations not protected from the sun, such as playgrounds, pools, and community recreation spaces. You can be part of this.

Shade structure infographic

International grants

A dermatologist examining a young patient

Dermatology care is global and the need is vital. Our members are making an impact in Botswana, Chile, Arizona, and around the world. Take that journey with us. Support or volunteer today.

International grants infographic

Resident education grants

Young dermatologists looking into microscopes

The future is here. Our up-and-coming residents need your support to further their education for the care of tomorrow’s patients. Support of Resident Education will make that happen. Act now.

Resident grants infographic