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Donors survey

2017 donors survey infographic

Thank you to all who completed the 2017 Donor Survey. We value your support, and appreciated learning your thoughts about giving to the AAD. Your feedback helps us know how we can better serve you and increase support for AAD programs/services that are important to you.

Giving motivation

Donors said they support the AAD because they want to give back to dermatology and they believe in the AAD’s mission, making up nearly two-thirds of responses. While some support the AAD because they benefit from an AAD program/service or because they were personally asked by a peer/colleague, those reasons were not ranked as highly.

Donors also shared what was important to them in order to continue giving. A clear majority stated the ability to direct their donations was very important. Over half of respondents also said that hearing stories from those directly impacted by their contributions and gaining a fuller understanding of how donations are used is essential. Learning more about the impact of their gifts was more important than increased donor recognition, or personal contact from AAD and leadership.

Donor satisfaction

Overwhelmingly, donors are satisfied and strongly satisfied with their experience as AAD donors. They are satisfied with how they are recognized as donors, and feel it is appropriate. Over a quarter of respondents noted that personal recognition is not important to them.

AAD donors are also satisfied with how their gifts are used, and the impact their gifts have. However, many indicated they would still like to know more about their impact of their donations.

Those who had donated to the AAD recently but did not give last year were also asked why they had stopped giving. Most said they forgot or cannot give for financial reasons. Some also indicated that once their circumstances change, they may be able to start giving again.

Survey results summary

2017 donors survey summary

What’s next

We want all AAD donors to realize their support is both necessary and impactful. Hearing directly from donors is invaluable so that we can make sure you know your gifts truly make a difference.

Based on the responses received for our 2017 Donor Survey, moving forward we plan to:

  • Let you know how donations are used.

  • Share more stories about the impact of donations through our donor magazine, Aspire.

  • Customize our donor communications so you learn about the difference your donations make, in the way you want to hear about it.

  • Continue to publicly recognize you on our website, on donor recognition signage at AAD meetings, in Aspire magazine, and in various other publications.

If you would like to provide your feedback or discuss your giving, please contact Valerie Thompson at (847) 240-1427 or