Kristine's story


I entered college in 1995. Little did I know that my mom was diagnosed with malignant melanoma that week. They removed all of the lymph nodes surrounding the spot (which she had looked at because it was a dark, raised, and sometimes bleeding spot on her leg). She recovered and we shared many life-changing times after that.

We love her very much, miss her and want people to get checked early.
Don't wait!

I got married in 2003, had my first son in 2006, and my second son in 2009. She saw all of that: their baptisms, their first birthdays, all of the things that a "nana" should be a part of. Unfortunately, at her yearly checkup in 2010, they found another lump, right in the same spot as the original. 

Who would have thought after 15 years that it would come back. Certainly not us. We were so very blessed to have the next 13 months with her. Mom never did a minute of treatment; she let the good Lord guide her and she lived as she wanted and did things the way she wanted. We love her very much, miss her, and want people to get checked early. Don't wait!

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