Kim H's story


My brother Chip was just 43 years old. His only complaints were what he had self-diagnosed his gall bladder symptoms. Only the weekend of July 4th, 2011 Chip and his family came to visit us camping. I am not a fan of camping, so when all was at the pavilion with the festivities I was hanging out at our RV, because he couldn't stand the smell of the grilling food. I told him he really needed to go to the doctor to have that taken care of, but you have to realize....I'm the younger sister. He did take my advice, which I now believe he had no other choice, and was at the doctor the following morning demanding test.

The test were unbelievable. Unimaginable. We were certain that those stupid doctors had gotten the results mixed up. They had not.

From that day forward was a complete blur. You have to realize Fourth of forward August 25, 2011 and we were at the funeral home making arrangements for my brother. Son, brother, friend, husband, and father to 3 kids being short changed on life.

So, with that brief synopsis I tell you that Melanoma has rocked my world. My only outlet is hoping, praying that no one else has to ever experience this trauma and loss. Although we can't pinpoint where Chip's melanoma originated, we know it was there and that alone is enough for me to ask all my friends and loved ones to take all preventative methods. This can be you! Don't let it be.

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