Debbie M's story


This is a picture of my brother being taken for his first ride on his brand new Harley he purchased three months before he past away. He is in the middle in the urn. He just wanted to ride his new bike that had only 3 miles on it and yes he got his wish. 

Mark was diagnosed with stage IV malignant melanoma after a cyst was froze off that was not removed nor biopsies taken from his forehead and back. It was a long hard struggle and we tried so many different treatments. He was a true trooper through it all. I have learned in life number one to not sit in the sun and use sunscreen, and most of all, when in doubt with a spot, have it checked by more than one doctor. And please – yes please – have them test and biopsy. I think if they would of went further and my brother would of got medical treatment earlier he may of been here for his 57th birthday. I use to be a sun worshiper now I am a sun cautionary person.

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