Beth's story



My husband, James V. Veltrop Jr., passed away after a two-year battle with malignant melanoma. He had fair skin, light brown hair, and blue eyes. He loved our children so very much. He fought until the very end. He grew up in New Mexico, playing outside, playing soccer, and worked on the flight line in the U.S. Navy.

He had a strange spot on his neck below his right ear.He had a strange spot on his neck below his right ear. It would get crusty, he would treat it with cortisone, and it would go away but he never went to the doctor, even though I am a registered nurse and I pleaded with him to go. 

If you love your children, husband, self, and family members, wear and apply sunscreen daily and limit your exposure to sunlight during harmful UV hours! My little girl would still have her daddy to paint her nails and brush her hair. My son would have a great role model. My granddaughter would have gotten to meet him and have him fall in love with her. I would still have our home and my husband, but my kids would have their dad.

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