Skin conditions need care after natural disaster

The Academy extends condolences to everyone affected by Superstorm Sandy. For people affected by the storm who have skin conditions, dermatologists recommend trying to do the following:

Bathe and shampoo as often as your dermatologist recommends. When you are unable to bathe and shampoo, your skin condition can worsen.

Avoid direct contact with contaminated water and sewage
. This can cause a skin infection. Some skin conditions make a person especially susceptible to a skin infection.

Find ways to reduce your stress. Stress often causes a skin disease to flare. It is a common trigger for psoriasis, rosacea, and many other skin conditions.

Maintain your treatment plan as best you can. This can prevent your condition from worsening. If your treatment plan includes medication and you no longer have your medication, try to refill your prescriptions.

Taking time to care for yourself and your skin can help you feel better.