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Athlete's foot: How to prevent

December 5, 2017
Athlete's foot is a common fungal infection that most people get from walking barefoot in moist, public places like a swimming pool deck or locker room. ... linens, or shoes. Wear shoes in areas where infected feet have been. ... If your athlete’s foot...Home Public and patients Diseases and treatments Contagious skin diseases Athlete's foot

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease

July 21, 2018
Find out what hand-foot-and-mouth disease is and why you can get it more than once. ... 2018. ... Renda S and Sanches M. —œHand-foot-and-mouth disease in adults.— ... Clin Adv...Home Public and patients Diseases and treatments Contagious skin diseases Hand, foot, and mouth

What warts look like

October 30, 2015
on a person's face. Plantar warts on the bottom of a person’s foot Warts on on a person's finger...Home Public and patients Kids' zone About skin: Your body's largest organ Warts: Not just

How to treat corns and calluses

April 6, 2016
when your feet may be slightly swollen. In addition, ask a clerk to measure your foot, and choose shoes... anywhere on the body where there is repeated friction, such as a guitar player’s fingertips


August 7, 2017
Ringworm is a fungus (not a worm) that can infect your skin, scalp, or nails. ... Ringworm ... Tinea corporis ... Feet (soles) ... Athlete's foot ... Tinea pedis ... Hands (palms... ... May get athlete's foot from touching your feet ...   ...   ...   ... Nails with ringworm

Skin: Warts and fungus (ages 11 - 13)

September 2, 2016
to treat it ... Explain ways to prevent getting athlete’s foot ... Recognize a dermatologist...;s foot. (FALSE: You can use antifungal, over-the-counter creams, or something prescribed

When to switch from standard to biologic therapies for foot ulcers?

March 1, 2011
Physician Editor Abby Van Voorhees, MD, discusses when biologic therapies are indicated for foot ulcers with Robert S. Kirsner, MD, PhD. ... By Abby S. Van Voorhees, MD, March 1, 2011 In this month’s Acta Eruditorum column, Physician Editor Abby S. Van Voorhees, M.D., talks with Robert S. Kirsner, MD, PhD, about his recent ... Archives

Take these precautions to reduce your chances of catching athlete’s foot

November 12, 2015
infected feet have been. ... If your athlete's foot is not improving or is worsening, see a board...;" Despite the name, athlete's foot can happen to anyone. It is a common fungal infection that most

Infection inspection

August 1, 2017
DW has the latest on diagnosing and treating onychomycosis. ... considerations with onychomycosis as well. "The presence of athlete’s foot is a risk factor, as well... have a higher risk of fungal infection of the nail or athlete’s foot," said Dr. Rubin

Nail fungus

August 15, 2016
It's easy to get a fungal nail infection. If you have a fungal infection on your foot, the fungus can spread to one or more of your nails. This is quite common. ... a fungal nail infection. If you have a fungal infection on your foot, the fungus can spread to one....— ... Dermatology News (A CME/CE certified supplement). March 2016:2-15. ... Verma S and Heffernan

Teaching your child healthy nail care

November 5, 2015
Help you child develop healthy nail-care habits with these tips from dermatologists. ... can lead to a toenail infection, athlete's foot, or plantar warts. Protect your feet by wearing flip... a child’s nails until the child is about 9 or 10 years old. At about that age, children can

Office ergonomics

June 14, 2012
Spending a little on office ergonomics can help practices avoid spending a lot on OSHA complaints, according to experts. ... or your knees slightly below the hips and feet well supported by the floor or a foot rest," Dr. Liang... a substantial effect on a practice’s morale, productivity, and revenue. According to the Occupational Safety

Skin cancer in people of color

July 12, 2018
People of all colors, including those with brown and black skin, get skin cancer. Even if you never sunburn, you can get skin cancer. ... When skin cancer develops in people of color, it’s often in a late stage when diagnosed.... ... There’s also a lot you can do to reduce your risk of getting skin cancer. ... Ask the person who cuts

Signs of Lyme disease that appear on your skin

June 13, 2018
Lyme disease can cause more than a bull's-eye rash. Here's what to look for on your skin. ... usually appear on a hand or foot. Some people develop this change on both of their hands or feet. It can... a bull’s-eye rash. It’s a common sign of Lyme disease, but it’s not the only sign

Video library

July 10, 2018
and suddenly there’s blood. However, while these types of cuts are startling, most can be safety... these tips. ...   ... Athletes foot: How to treat Follow these dermatologists' tips on how to avoid
1 - 15 of 2108 Content Items