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Attacking actinic keratoses

February 1, 2012
A review of available treatments for actinic keratoses, including lesion-directed and field therapies. ... actinic keratoses when used twice a week for 16 weeks. This prolonged course can lead to challenges... on the diagnosis and treatment of actinic keratoses New research on the diagnosis and treatment of actinic

Actinic keratosis

August 16, 2016
Comprehensive information about this precancerous skin condition, its causes, and treatment. ... Actinic keratoses (AKs): AKs form on skin that soaks up lots of sun over the years. An actinic.... When you have more than one AK, you have actinic keratoses, or AKs. ... Anyone who has many AKs

When modifier 59 is not enough

October 1, 2013
Coding columnist Alexander Miller, MD, discusses proper use of modifier 59. ... bleeding facial lesions. You identify scattered keratotic actinic keratoses (AKs) as well as probable... and 11101, and for the actinic keratoses destruction, CPT code 17000-59 and 17003-59x4. ... Will you

Destruction codes for pre-malignant and malignant lesions

November 1, 2011
Coding columnist Dirk Elston, MD, discusses the right way to code for destroying AKs and other premalignant lesions using codes 17000, 17003, and 17004. ... such as actinic keratoses, and are reported based on the number of lesions treated, rather than... keratoses. How should this be coded? This would be coded with 17004 (destruction of 15 or more actinic

From the editor

February 1, 2012
actinic keratoses: Multiple modalities let dermatologists tailor treatment to the patient From... Archive | Dermatology World Weekly Archives ... Year ... Issue ... Download PDF February 2012

To 25 or not? Part two

July 1, 2013
Coding columnist Alexander Miller, MD,discusses the correct use of modifier 25. Part two of a two-part series. ... to bill. Example 2: An established patient comes in with numerous thick actinic keratoses on sun-exposed... alternatives, and freeze 18 actinic keratoses. You bill CPT 17004 for the actinic keratoses destruction

Modifier 25, revisited

March 1, 2018
Columnist Alex Miller, MD, gives guidance on how to make sure you're using modifier 25 correctly. ... with psoriasis and discover multiple actinic keratoses, which you freeze with liquid nitrogen. You also manage the patient’s psoriasis. You code CPT 17004 for destruction of 16 actinic keratoses and 99203

EHR satisfaction in dermatology

February 1, 2012
Survey respondents describe their experience with their EHR systems, addressing whether they would go back to paper and whether they expect to save money in the long run by going electronic. ... Jersey, Connecticut starts down similar path Feature Attacking actinic keratoses: Multiple modalities

When modifier 59 is not enough, part two

November 1, 2013
Coding columnist Alexander Miller, MD, continues his discussion of modifier 59. Part two of two. ... scattered keratotic actinic keratoses as well as probable basal cell carcinomas located on the cheek and nose. You destroy five actinic keratoses with liquid nitrogen and biopsy both suspected basal cell

CPT 2018: What's new, part 1

December 1, 2017
Columnist Alex Miller, MD, offers advice for how to prepare for coding changes in 2018. ... and the delivery of the treatment. Example 3: A patient with diffuse actinic keratoses on his face..., curette a number of scalp hyperkeratotic actinic keratoses and provide a PDT therapy to both the scalp

PS-Reflectance Confocal Microscopy

microscopy for the diagnosis of actinic keratoses. ... Dermatol Surg. 2008;34(5):610-9. ... This Position...Position Statement on Reflectance Confocal Microscopy (RCM) ... Page 1 of 2 ... Position Statement

Common conditions without ICD-10 codes

April 1, 2017
Columnist Alex Miller, MD, gives advice on how to handle common conditions without ICD-10 codes. ... tissue. Example 4: You diagnose a patient with actinic keratoses and significantly photodamaged skin from prior sun exposure . You reference the actinic keratoses with ICD-10 L57.0, Actinic Keratosis

Local coverage determinations: what are they good for?

December 1, 2014
Alexander Miller, MD, addresses local coverage determinations. ... that justifies coverage second. ... Example 1: You destroy 15 actinic keratoses, including thickly keratotic...: Correct. The National Coverage Determination (NCD) for actinic keratoses specifies the following

Learning module: Actinic keratosis and squamous cell carcinoma

May 7, 2018
The purpose of this module is to help medical students develop a clinical approach to the evaluation and initial management of patients who present with suspicious lesions. ... and describe the morphology of actinic keratoses. ... Identify and describe the morphology of squamous cell...Home Education Basic Derm Curriculum Suggested order of modules Actinic keratosis and squamous cell

Living with LCDs

June 1, 2016
Columnist Alex Miller, MD, provides CPT and ICD-10 coding updates. ... prevalent LCDs affecting dermatologic care are for removal of benign lesions, actinic keratoses (AKs...." ... Example 3: You freeze nine actinic keratoses on a Medicare patient’s face and bill your Noridian
1 - 15 of 151 Content Items