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Acne scars

September 27, 2016
Want to get rid of acne scars? Dermatologists offer safe and effective treatment. ... Acne scar treatment: This woman's dermatologist treated her acne scars (left) with acne scar surgery...) scars or use the name of the specific depressed scar: ... Boxcar ... Icepick ... Rolling ... Raised


March 28, 2018
When you injure your skin, your body naturally repairs the damage. How your body repairs this damage depends on how deeply the injury penetrates your skin. To repair damage that goes deeper than the first layer, your body makes a tissue that's thicker than your skin. This thicker tissue often becomes a scar. ... The treatments described on this page apply mainly to raised scars and keloids. You'll find... often becomes a scar. ... New scars have a pink to reddish color. As a scar matures, it often turns

Ask a Dermatologist: What does microdermabrasion do for acne scars?

October 7, 2018
Board-certified dermatologist M. Laurin Council, MD, FAAD, explains how microdermabrasion is used to treat acne scars. Ask a Dermatologist is a video series from the American Academy of Dermatology. ... for acne scars? ... Board-certified dermatologist M. Laurin Council, MD, FAAD, explains how microdermabrasion is used to treat acne scars. Related resources ... Acne resources Cosmetic treatments Find

Preventing scars

October 30, 2015
scars? Will my scar go away? Making scars less visible ... ...? Preventing scars ... Some scars are hard to avoid, like after surgery or the chickenpox. There are some

Making scars less visible

October 30, 2015
Making scars less visible ... Almost everyone has a scar and a good story to share about how they got...: ... About hair: Not just on your head. ... Learn more What is a scar? Why do we get scars

Why do we get scars?

October 30, 2015
do we get scars? ... There are a few reasons you can end up with a scar: ... Your skin was hurt...: ... Preventing scars. ... Learn more What is a scar? Preventing scars Will my scar go away? Making

Dermatologists share tips for reducing scars

November 13, 2015
of scars. ... —œThe appearance of a scar often depends on how well your wound heals,— said...;œAlthough no scar can be completely eliminated, most scars do fade over time,— said Dr. Marmur

Battlefield lessons arm clinicians with new treatment for burn scars

August 1, 2011
Dermatologists discuss advances in scar repair using lasers that were pioneered in the military. ... for better scar treatments The development of laser therapy for burn scars became necessary due... scars are a challenge for dermatologists, burn surgeons, and their patients — even when they heal well

10 things to know before having laser treatment for your scar

January 10, 2018
A laser can seem like a magic wand that can make any scar disappear. Medical lasers, however, are nothing to play with. To get impressive results and avoid serious side effects, it's important to know these basic facts before you have laser treatment for a scar. ... that scars can cause. It can help a patient move more freely if a scar limits movement. Still, insurance...Home Public and patients Diseases and treatments Cosmetic treatments Laser treatment for scars


December 8, 2016
Find out who gets these raised scars and how to treat them. ... Overview What is a keloid? ... Chest scars: A raised scar (A) rises above the skin; whereas, a keloid... raised scars, keloids grow much larger than the wound that caused the scar. ... Not everyone who

Popular anti-aging treatment emerges as effective treatment for difficult scars

November 16, 2015
surgical, and traumatic scars OVERVIEW: Every scar has a story. From childhood adventures to bouts... to ignore scars that are painful or itchy, or that make it tough to use the body part where the scar

Lasers shine in the treatment of acne scars, but lag behind conventional therapy for active disease

November 8, 2015
Dermatologists discuss the role of lasers in the treatment of acne and acne scars. ... In the battle against acne vulgaris and the distressing scars it can leave in its wake, lasers and other light-based therapies are showing great promise in the treatment of scars but somewhat uneven results

Acne and rosacea

December 13, 2018
Information about acne, acne scars, adult acne, acne products, Isotretinoin, and rosacea. ... for managing Acne scars Acne scars: Overview Acne scars: Signs and symptoms Acne scars: Who gets and causes Acne scars: Diagnosis and treatment Acne scars: Tips for managing Isotretinoin: Treatment

Will my scar go away?

October 30, 2015
Will my scar go away? ... Some scars fade over time, but you can never completely erase a scar... with a skin doctor (dermatologist) about ways to make your scar less visible. ... Next: ... Making scars less

What is a scar?

October 30, 2015
pink, brown, or silver. ... Next: ... Why do we get scars? ... Learn more Why do we get scars? Preventing scars Will my scar go away? Making scars less visible ...
1 - 15 of 250 Content Items