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Session Information

FOC U011 - Neonatal Dermatology

Ticket required for admission, no tuition fee. Ticket holds seat for only 15 minutes after the official start time.


Date: Friday, August 17

CME Credits: 1.00

Location: Room 310

Time: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Director: Tor A. Shwayder, MD, FAAD

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Identify normal newborn variants
  • Distinguish worrisome from benign birthmarks
  • Recognize which newborn findings require further workup.

Come with me on a journey of the newborn skin. Thirty years worth of nursery visits condensed into ninety minutes! Explore the normal and abnormal, when to reassure, when to call for help, which birthmarks lead to an MRI and which to genetics. After the nursery visit, we will extend the lecture up to year one, with special attention to prognosis. Subjects include “normal” findings, red-, blue-, black-, yellow-, white-, and flesh-colored birthmarks, infectious agents and ichthyosis. Also techniques for tots to keep the drool off your ties and tops and the kids happy.