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F061 - Late-breaking Research: Clinical Trials

Saturday, February 17; 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Learning Objectives

Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Describe ground-breaking scientific developments in dermatologic research.
  • Evaluate and apply information from recent investigations to clinical practice.


These forums will highlight the latest ground-breaking observations in clinical, therapeutics, surgical, pediatric, dermatopathologic and basic research. Researchers are invited to submit abstracts describing their most recent results and the top scoring studies will be invited to discuss their findings in a brief oral presentation during one of the themed Forums.


  • Baum, Sharon A., MD: Immune Pharmaceuticals – I(Grants/Research Funding);
  • Bissonnette, Robert, MD, MSc: AbbVie – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Amgen – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Biopharmx – Independent Contractor(Fees); BioPharmX – O(Grants/Research Funding); BMS – A(Fees); Boehringer Ingelheim – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Celgene Corporation – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Cipher Pharmaceuticals – C(Fees), C(H); Dermira – I(H); Eli Lilly and Company – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Galderma Laboratories, L.P. – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Glenmark Generics Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Janssen-Ortho Inc. – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. – I(Grants/Research Funding); Pfizer Inc. – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Stiefel a GSK company – C(H); Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC – C(H); Vitae Pharmaceuticals – I(Grants/Research Funding); Xenon Pharmaceuticals – I(H);
  • Blauvelt, Andrew, MD: AbbVie – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Aclaris Therapeutics Inc. – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Akros Pharma, Inc. – A(H), C(H); Allergan, Inc – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Almirall – A(H), C(H); Amgen – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Boehringer Ingelheim – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Celgene – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Dermavant Sciences – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Dermira – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Eli Lilly and Company – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Galderma Laboratories, L.P. – A(H), C(H); Genentech, Inc. – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); GlaxoSmithKline – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Janssen-Ortho Inc. – A(H), C(H), I(Fees), SP(H); Leo Pharma Inc – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd – A(H), C(H); Merck & Co., Inc – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Pfizer Inc. – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Purdue Pharma – A(H), C(H); Regeneron – A(H), C(H), I(Fees), SP(H); Sandoz, a Novartis company – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Sanofi – A(H), C(H), SP(H); Sienna Biopharmaceuticals – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. – A(H), C(H); UCB – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Valeant Pharmaceuticals International – A(H), C(H), I(Fees); Vidac Pharma – A(H), C(H), I(Fees);
  • Gelfand, Joel M., MD, MSCE: AbbVie – I(Grants/Research Funding); BMS – C(Fees); Boehringer Ingelheim – C(H); Celgene Corporation – I(Grants/Research Funding); Eli Lilly and Company – O(Fees); GlaxoSmithKline – C(H); Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Ortho Dermatologics – I(Grants/Research Funding); Pfizer Inc. – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Sanofi US Services – C(H); Society for Investigative Dermatology – O(H); UCB – O(Fees);
  • Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Evangelos J., MD, PhD: AbbVie – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); InflaRx GmbH – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); XBiotech – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding);
  • Gordon, Kenneth B., MD: AbbVie – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Almirall – C(H); Amgen – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Boehringer Ingelheim – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Bristol-Myers Squibb – C(H); Celgene Corporation – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Demira – C(H); Dermavant Sciences – C(H); Eli Lilly and Company – I(Grants/Research Funding); Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc – A(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Kyowa Hakko Kirin Pharma, Inc. – C(H); Leo Pharma Inc – C(H); Lilly ICOS LLC – A(H); Novartis – I(Grants/Research Funding); Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. – A(H); Othro Dermatologics – C(H); Pfizer Inc. – A(H); Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. – C(H); UCB – C(H);
  • Guttman, Emma, MD, PhD: AbbVie – C(H); Allergan, Inc. – C(H); Almirall – C(H); Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – C(H); Asana Biosciences, LLC – C(H); Celgene Corporation – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Dermira – A(H), C(H); Eli Lilly and Company – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Escalier – C(H); Galderma Research & Development, LLC – A(H), C(H); Glenmark Generics Inc. – B(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc – I(Grants/Research Funding); Kyowa Hakko Kirin Pharma, Inc. – C(H); Leo Pharma Inc – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Medimmune – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Novartis – A(H), C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding); Pfizer Inc. – A(H), C(H); Regeneron – A(H), C(H); Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – I(Grants/Research Funding); sanofi-aventis – C(H); Sanofi/Regeneron – B(H); Stiefel a GSK company – C(H); Theravance Biopharma – C(H); Vitae Pharmaceuticals – C(H), I(Grants/Research Funding);
  • Ogg, Graham, MD, PhD: AnaptysBio – I(Grants/Research Funding), O(OB); Celgene – I(Grants/Research Funding); Grunenthal – C(Fees); Novartis – I(Grants/Research Funding); Orbit Discovery – B(ST); Regeneron – I(Grants/Research Funding); UCB – C(OB);
  • Papp, Kim A., MD: AbbVie – A(H), C(H), I(H); Amgen – A(H), C(H), I(H); Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – I(H); Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc. – I(H); Boehringer Ingelheim – A(H), C(H), I(H); Celgene Corporation – A(H), C(H), I(H); Coherus Biosciences – I(H); Dermira – C(H), I(H); Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. – C(H), I(H); Eli Lilly and Company – A(H), C(H), I(H); EMD Serono – A(H); Galderma Canada, Inc – A(H), C(H), I(H); Genentech, Inc. – C(H); Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc – A(H), C(H), I(H); Kyowa Hakko Kirin Pharma, Inc. – C(H), I(H); Leo Pharma Inc – A(H), C(H), I(H); Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd – C(H); Merck & Co., Inc – A(H), C(H), I(H); Merck Serono – A(H), C(H), I(H); Mitsibushi Pharma – C(H); Novartis – C(H), I(H); Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. – A(H); Pfizer Inc. – A(H), C(H), I(H); Regeneron – A(H), C(H), I(H); Roche Laboratories – I(H); Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA Inc – C(H), I(H); UCB – A(H), C(H), I(H);
  • Reich, Kristian D.J., MD, PhD: AbbVie – A(H), O(H), SP(H); Affibody – A(H); Amgen – A(H); Biogen – A(H), SP(H); Boehringer Ingelheim – A(H); Celgene – A(H); Celgene Corporation – SP(H); Covegan – SP(H); Eli Lilly and Company – SP(H); Forward Pharma – C(H); GlaxoSmithKline – SP(H); Janssen-Cilag – SP(H); Leo Pharma A/S – SP(H); Medac Pharma, Inc – SP(H); Merck & Co., Inc. – SP(H); Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. – A(H); Pfizer Inc. – Data Safety Monitoring Board(H); Regeneron – A(H); Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA Inc – A(H); UCB – A(H); Xenoport, Inc. – A(H);
  • Silverberg, Jonathan I., MD, PhD, MPH: AbbVie – C(H), I(NC); AnaptysBio – C(H); Asana Biosciences, LLC – C(H); Eli Lilly and Company – C(H), I(NC); Galderma Research & Development, LLC – C(H); GlaxoSmithKline – C(H), I(NC); Glenmark Generics Inc. – C(H); Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. – C(H), I(NC); Leo Pharma Inc – A(H); Leo Pharma Inc. – I(H); Medimmune – C(H); Menlo Therapeutics – A(H), I(NC); Pfizer Inc. – A(H), C(H); PuriCore, Inc. – C(H); Regeneron – C(H), I(NC), SP(H); Sanofi – C(Grants/Research Funding);
  • Thaci, Diamant: AbbVie – A(H), I(Fees), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Almirall – A(H), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Beiersdorf, Inc. – C(H); Boehringer Ingelheim – A(H); Celgene – A(H), I(Fees), I(Grants/Research Funding), SP(H); Eli Lilly and Company – A(H), I(Fees), SP(H); Galapagos NV – Data Safety Monitoring Board(H); GlaxoSmithKline – I(Fees); Hexal AG, Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals – A(H), SP(H); Janssen-Cilag – A(H), C(H), I(Fees), SP(H); Leo Pharma Inc – A(H), I(Fees); Medac Pharma, Inc – SP(H); Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. – A(H), I(Fees), I(Grants/Research Funding), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Parexel – I(Fees); Pfizer Inc. – A(H), I(Fees), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Regeneron – I(Fees), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Sanofi – A(H), Speaker/Faculty Education(H); Schering-Plough Corporation – SP(H); UCB – A(H), I(Fees), Speaker/Faculty Education(H);
  • Tsao, Hensin, MD, PhD: Asana Biosciences, LLC – I(Grants/Research Funding); Epiphany Dermatology – A(H); Massachusetts General Hospital – E(S); Relay Therapeutics – I(Grants/Research Funding); Worldcare Clinical, LLC – C(H);
  • Yazici, Yusuf: no financial relationships exist with commercial interests.
Saturday, February 17
1:00 PM
Dr. Guttman / Primary Results from a Phase 2b, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Upadacitinib for Patients with Atopic Dermatitis
1:10 PM
Dr. Bissonnette / Efficacy and Safety of Oral ASN002, a Novel JAK/SYK inhibitor, in Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Study.
1:20 PM
Dr. Silverberg / Patient-reported Outcomes (PROs) from a Phase 2 Double-blinded, Randomized, Multi-center, Placebo-controlled Study of Baricitinib in Adult Patients with Moderate-to-severe Atopic Dermatitis (AD)
1:30 PM
Dr. Thaci / MOR106, an Anti-IL-17C mAb, a Potential New Approach for Treatment of Moderate-to-severe Atopic Dermatitis: Phase 1 Study.
1:40 PM
Ogg / Proof-of-concept Phase 2a Clinical Trial of ANB020 (anti-IL-33) in the Treatment of Moderate-to-severe Atopic Dermatitis
1:50 PM
Dr. Gordon / Efficacy and Safety of Risankizumab: Results from Two Double-blind, Placebo- and Ustekinumab-controlled, Phase 3 Trials in Moderate-to-severe Plaque Psoriasis
2:00 PM
Dr. Reich / Long-term Efficacy of Guselkumab Treatment After Drug Withdrawal and Retreatment in Patients with Moderate-severe Plaque Psoriasis: Results from VOYAGE 2
2:10 PM
Dr. Papp / Dual Neutralization of Interleukin (IL)-17A and IL-17F with Bimekizumab in Moderate-to-severe Psoriasis: Results from a Phase 2b, Randomized, Double-blinded, Placebo-controlled, Dose-ranging Study
2:20 PM
Dr. Gelfand / A Phase Iv, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Crossover Study of the Effects of Ustekinumab on Vascular Inflammation in Psoriasis (The Vip-U Trial)
2:30 PM
Yazici / Apremilast for Behçet’s Syndrome: A Phase III Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Double-blind Study
2:40 PM
Giamarellos-Bourboulis / Efficacy of IFX-1, an Anti-C5a Monoclonal Antibody, in an Open Label Phase 2a Study in Patients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa not Eligible for Adalimumab
2:50 PM
Dr. Baum / A Pilot Phase 2a Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Bertilimumab, an Anti-eotaxin-1 Antibody, in Bullous Pemphigoid
Event Details
  • Date
    Saturday, February 17
  • Time
    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Location
    Ballroom 20A
  • CME Credits
  • Type
  • Andrew Blauvelt, MD, FAAD
  • Diamant Thaci
  • Emma Guttman, MD, PhD, FAAD
  • Evangelos J. Giamarellos-Bourboulis, MD, PhD - Handout
  • Graham Ogg, MD, PhD
  • Joel M. Gelfand, MD, MSCE, FAAD
  • Jonathan I. Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPH, FAAD
  • Kenneth B. Gordon, MD, FAAD
  • Kim A. Papp, MD, FAAD
  • Kristian D.J. Reich, MD, PhD
  • Robert Bissonnette, MD, MSc, FAAD
  • Sharon A. Baum, MD
  • Yusuf Yazici