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F002 - Novel Therapies for Cutaneous Malignancies: What's New and What's Ahead

Friday, February 16; 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Learning Objectives

Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Distinguish appropriate use of current and novel therapies in cutaneous malignancies.
  • Recognize and manage known common side effects of therapies utilized in cutaneous malignancies.
  • Recognize the correct clinical setting in which these therapies are best indicated.


Several recent advances in the molecular biology of cutaneous oncology have culminated in the development of multiple targeted therapies. As cutaneous oncology moves towards a more personalized approach, dermatologists should be aware of the multitude of therapies that exist and where current ongoing research is heading, to ensure that patients are provided with the most appropriate treatments. Knowledge of the biological mechanisms of the drugs and their effects will improve patient counseling and quality of care.


  • Alani, Rhoda Myra, MD: Acylin Therapeutics, Inc – F(Fees);
  • Arron, Sarah T., MD, PhD: Amyris, Inc. – C(H); Biossance – C(H); Castle Biosciences – I(S); Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals – C(H); Enspectra Health – C(H); Genentech, Inc. – E(ST), I(S); Gerson Lehrman Group – C(H); LEO Pharma, US – I(S); Menlo Therapeutics – I(S); Pennside Partners – C(H); Pfizer Inc. – I(S); Rakuten Aspyrian – C(H); Regeneron – C(H); Sanofi Genzyme – C(H); Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. – C(H), I(S);
  • Epstein, Ervin H. Jr., MD: PellePharm, Inc. – F(ST);
  • Nghiem, Paul, MD, PhD: Bristol-Myers Squibb – I(Grants/Research Funding); EMD Serono – C(Fees); Merck & Co., Inc – A(H); Sanofi/Regeneron – A(H);
  • Sahni, Debjani, MBBS, MD: no financial relationships exist with commercial interests.
  • Swetter, Susan M., MD: no financial relationships exist with commercial interests.
Friday, February 16
9:00 AM
Dr. Alani / Novel Therapies in Melanoma - The Targeted Approach
9:19 AM
Dr. Swetter / Novel Therapies in Melanoma - The Immunotherapy Approach
9:38 AM
Dr. Nghiem / Novel Therapies in Merkel Cell Carcinoma
9:57 AM
Dr. Sahni / What's New in Cutaneous Lymphoma Therapies, and What's Around the Corner...
10:16 AM
Dr. Aaron / Emerging Therapies for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
10:35 AM
Dr. Epstein / Hedgehog Inhibitors for BCCs
10:53 AM
All faculty / Q&A
Event Details
  • Date
    Friday, February 16
  • Time
    9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Location
    Room 30B
  • CME Credits
  • Type
  • Debjani Sahni, MBBS, MD
  • Ervin H. Epstein Jr., MD, FAAD
  • Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD, FAAD
  • Rhoda Myra Alani, MD, FAAD
  • Sarah T. Arron, MD, PhD, FAAD
  • Susan M. Swetter, MD, FAAD - Handout