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Session Information

FOC U073 - Smartphone and Cloud Computing in Dermatology and Dermatopathology

Open admission to eligible categories, no tuition or ticket


Date: Tuesday, March 05

CME Credits: 1.50

Location: Room A106/107

Time: 7:15 AM - 8:45 AM

Director: Matthew Gray Fleming, MD, FAAD - Handout

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Differentiate cloud and client/server computing, and discuss their advantages and disadvantages for medical applications such as EMR's, with respect to reliability, security, scalability, and cost.
  • Describe the hardware and software capabilities of smartphones, how they have been applied to dermatology (especially teledermatology), and how they will likely evolve and be applied in future.

Computing's focus is shifting from PCs to smartphones, tablets, and the cloud, and this may affect healthcare more than any other industry. Cloud computing is more efficient than older technologies and has therefore enabled new software models, such as free EMRs and PHRs, of interest to clinicians and patients. Smartphones are a natural partner to cloud computing, and their sensors (such as cameras) increase their value to a visual discipline like dermatology (e.g., for teledermatology). The current and likely future capabilities and limitations of cloud and smartphone technologies will be explained, and their application to dermatology and dermatopathology explored.