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Session Information

FOC U065 - Dermatology in Cinema

Open admission to eligible categories, no tuition or ticket


Date: Monday, March 04

CME Credits: 1.50

Location: Room A104/105

Time: 7:15 AM - 8:45 AM

Director: Vail C. Reese, MD, FAAD

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • 1. Demonstrate to patients examples of skin conditions in movies.
  • 2. Identify categories of skin conditions seen in films.
  • 3. Develop greater empathy for patients.

Spanning over 100 years of cinema, examples of skin disease depicted in movies will be presented, in both still images and video. Updated for 2013, these include adult acne, congenital lesions, infectious disease and neoplasms. The psychosocial implications of the depiction of dermatoses will be explored. Practical examples that can be used for patient education will be emphasized.