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Session Information

FRM F051 - Techniques for Flap Success

Open admission to eligible categories, no tuition or ticket


Date: Saturday, March 02

CME Credits: 2.00

Location: Room B210/211

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Director: Jonathan L. Cook, MD, FAAD


  • Sumaira Zareen Aasi, MD, FAAD
  • Joel Cook, MD, FAAD
  • Juan-Carlos Martinez, MD, FAAD
  • Tri H. Nguyen, MD, FAAD

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the role that proper flap design plays in achieving good surgical results
  • Choose aesthetically ideal flap designs for wounds on particular areas of the face
  • Determine how minor adjustments in flap design can improve surgical success

This session is designed to improve the advanced dermatologic surgeon’s operative planning and execution of intricate repairs of oncologic wounds of the head and neck. Flap biomechanics will be reviewed in order to improve the surgeon’s understanding of the role of proper operative design and technique. Selected flaps from various areas of the head and neck will be discussed, placing an emphasis on providing information that can improve the dermatologic surgeon’s clinical practice.