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Session Information

SYM S024 - Living with Skin Disease: Bench, Bedside & Patient Perspectives

Open admission to eligible categories, no tuition or ticket


Date: Saturday, March 02

CME Credits: 3.00

Location: Room A101/102

Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Director: Suzanne Marie Connolly, MD, FAAD


  • Keith Choate, MD, PhD, FAAD
  • Madeleine Duvic, MD, FAAD
  • Steven R. Feldman, MD, PhD, FAAD - Handout
  • Jon M. Hanifin, MD, FAAD
  • Sancy A. Leachman, MD, PhD, FAAD
  • Amy S. Paller, MD, FAAD
  • Aleksandar Sekulic, MD, FAAD

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Recognize recent progress in dermatologic research that translates to a difference in patient care and appreciate the role of the patient in stimulating research.
  • Consider dermatologic conditions from the patient's perspective and the role of advocacy.
  • Define areas that will benefit from further research.

Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of a range of cutaneous diseases are the focus of this session, which will also highlight the impact of these advances on patients and their care. Application of basic science techniques enlightens our understanding of pathophysiology of disease. Our patients and patient support groups have been the stimulus for many of these advances.


Saturday, March 02
2:00 PMWelcome: Patient Support Groups / Dr. Connolly
2:05 PMQuality of Life: A Heart and Soul Metric of Dermatologic Care / Dr. Feldman
2:30 PMMolecular Characterization of Melanoma: From Prevention to Therapy / Dr. Leachman
2:55 PMCutaneous T Cell Lymphoma: 2013 / Dr. Duvic
3:20 PMPersonalizing Skin Cancer: The Impact of Genomics / Dr. Sekulic
3:45 PMAtopic Dermatitis: Can We Prevent the Eczema "Prison Blues?" / Dr. Hanifin
4:10 PMRNAs, DNAs, and SNAs, Oh My: Topical Delivery of Gene Suppression / Dr. Paller
4:35 PMEmerging Frontiers in Translational Medicine: Application of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies for Dx and Discovery / Dr. Choate