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Session Information

SYM S023 - Tropical Dermatology

Open admission to eligible categories, no tuition or ticket


Date: Saturday, March 02

CME Credits: 3.00

Location: Room D235/236

Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Director: Aisha Sethi, MD, FAAD


  • Noah A. Craft, MD, PhD
  • Omar Lupi, MD, PhD
  • Scott A. Norton, MD, MPH, FAAD - Handout
  • Stephen K. Tyring, MD, PhD, FAAD - Handout

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Recognize how travel, immigration, war and adoption geographically affect the practice of dermatology
  • Distinguish and diagnose imported dermatoses that practitioners in developed countries will likely begin to encounter
  • Outline appropriate differential diagnoses and institute appropriate therapy for these formerly exotic dermatoses

Exotic tropical skin diseases are not so exotic anymore due to environmental changes, war, urbanization, refugee movements, tourism, and the emergence of new diseases. It is increasingly useful that dermatologists and dermatology residents have familiarity in this arena as tropical dermatoses become more prevalent in developed countries. This session will cover imported and tropical dermatoses of emerging significance that dermatologists in academic and private practice should be on the lookout for given the increased ease of travel and globalization.


Saturday, March 02
2:00 PMImported Skin Diseases Part 1 / Dr. Sethi
2:25 PMImported Skin Diseases Part 2 / Dr. Norton
3:00 PMTropical mycobacterial infections / Dr. Bilcha
3:25 PMLeishmaniasis / Dr. Craft
4:00 PMHIV and Tropical Viral Infections / Dr. Tyring
4:30 PMTropical Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers / Dr. Lupi