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Session Information

SYM S014 - Nails

Open admission to eligible categories, no tuition or ticket


Date: Friday, March 01

CME Credits: 3.00

Location: Palm Ballroom 4

Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Director: Richard K. Scher, MD, FAAD


  • Chris Adigun, MD, FAAD - Handout
  • C. Ralph Daniel, MD, FAAD - Handout
  • Boni E. Elewski, MD, FAAD
  • Nathaniel J. Jellinek, MD, FAAD
  • Hillary Johnson-Jahangir, MD, PhD, FAAD
  • Dong-Youn Lee, MD, PhD - Handout
  • Amy S. Paller, MD, FAAD
  • Bianca Maria Piraccini, MD
  • Phoebe Rich, MD, FAAD
  • Bertrand Richert, MD, PhD
  • Demetrios G. Rigopoulos, MD
  • Beth S. Ruben, MD, FAAD
  • Adam Rubin, MD, FAAD
  • Avner Shemer, MD - Handout
  • Dana WK Stern, MD, FAAD
  • Nancy E. Thomas, MD, FAAD

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Describe the genetics of nail unit melanoma.
  • Identify the hereditary variants of pachyonychia congenita so as to provide the specialized care this condition requires.
  • Compare the aggressive versus conservative approaches in the management of in situ melanoma of the nail.

This session will cover a broad spectrum of nail problems. It will be subdivided into three segments: 1. New and emerging issues in nail diseases. 2. Pro and con presentations regarding controversial issues involving the clinical decision making process. 3. Best cases of the year seen by outstanding nail experts: diagnosis and treatment. Key subjects to be included are those that require special attention from the clinician including nail melanoma, pachyonychia congenita, innovative nail cosmetic developments, and surgical/pathological implications of treatment choices. The audience may include dermatologists, non-dermatologists, physician extenders, and ancillary providers treating nail dystrophy.


  • Eliason, MJ, Leachman, SA, Feng, BJ, Schwartz, ME, Hansen, CD. Pachyonychia congenita. J Am Acad Dermatol, 2012; Jan 18.
  • Miranda, BH, Haughton, DN, Fahmy, FS. Subungual melanoma. J Plas Reconstr Aesthetic Surg, 2012; Mar 23.
  • Scher, RK. Nail cosmetics. Cutis, 2012; 89:154-155.


Friday, March 01
2:00 PMOnychodermis -- Hot Spot Research / Dr. Lee
2:10 PMPachyonychia Congenita -- Latest Developments / Dr. Paller
2:25 PMGenetics of Nail Melanoma / Dr. Thomas
2:40 PMGel/Shellac Nails -- Latest Developments / Dr. Adigun
2:49 PMUV and the Nail / Dr. Stern
2:58 PMIn Situ Nail Melanoma -- Conservative Removal / Dr. Richert
3:10 PMIn Situ Nail Melanoma -- Aggressive removal / Dr. Jellinek
3:22 PMShould Pathologist Input the Clinician on Surgical Approach -- YES / Dr. Ruben
3:34 PMShould Pathologist Input the Clinician on Surgical Approach -- NO / Dr. Rubin
3:46 PMMy Best Case /
3:53 PMMy Best Case / Dr. Elewski
4:00 PMMy Best Case / Dr. Piraccini
4:07 PMMy Best Case / Dr. Shemer
4:14 PMMy Best Case / Dr. Johnson-Jahangir
4:21 PMMy Best Case / Dr. Rigopoulos
4:28 PMMy Best Case / Dr. Daniel
4:35 PMMy Best Case / Dr. Rich
4:44 PMQuestions / All faculty