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Session Information

WRK W003 - Translating Evidence into Practice: Acne Guidelines

Tuition fee and ticket required for admission.


Date: Thursday, August 16

CME Credits: 2.00

Location: Room 210

Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Director: Bethanee Jean Schlosser, MD, PhD, FAAD - Handout


  • Whitney Bowe, MD, FAAD - Handout
  • Emmy M. Graber, MD, FAAD
  • Rachel Victoria Sabbag Reynolds, MD, FAAD
  • Joshua Zeichner, MD, FAAD - Handout

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Discuss recent advances in knowledge relative to the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of acne.
  • Formulate appropriate evidence-based treatment plans using the AAD Acne Guidelines.
  • Delineate strategies for the assessment, management and effective treatment of challenging acne cases.

Studies have shown that evidence-based guidelines can make important contributions to improving the quality of patient care. This session will address gaps in clinical knowledge and care of acne patients relative not only to the current guidelines but to research findings delineated in the many systematic reviews that have been published in the past few years on acne on the following subjects: dietary factors, increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics, topical retinoids, oral isotretinoin use and controversies, oral contraceptive uses, spironolactone, cyproterone, and photodynamic therapy. This session will be helpful in not only expanding physicians’ knowledge base but in improving clinician confidence and effectiveness in treating patients with acne. The session will consist of four presentations with time for Q&A as well as interactive case discussions which will permit the learners to apply the knowledge gained. A short survey will be conducted before and after the session, and follow-up surveys will be sent at 6 months and one year post session to gauge and evaluate if the guidelines were easy to translate into daily clinical practice.


Thursday, August 16
3:00 PMIntroduction and Overview with Survey / Dr. Schlosser
3:10 PMOverview and Recent Advances in Acne Pathogenesis / Dr. Reynolds
3:25 PMAntibiotic Therapy for Acne with Case Study / Dr. Zeichner
3:45 PMRole of Hormonal Therapy in Acne with Case Study / Dr. Schlosser
4:05 PMConsiderations for Use of Isotretinoin with Case Study / Dr. Graber
4:25 PMThe Role of Diet and Acne / Dr. Bowe
4:45 PMPanel Discussion with Survey / All faculty