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The Red Leg

1.*A 49 year-old woman was admitted to the hospital for fever and dyspnea and was treated for pneumonia complicated by uncontrolled diabetes. On day seven of her hospital stay, she developed bright red itchy spots on both her legs but was afebrile and nearly ready for discharge. What is the most likely diagnosis?
2.*A 43-year old diabetic male comes to the emergency department for six hours of an exquisitely painful rapidly growing red and purple painful plaque on his left buttock that started with a small inflamed hair follicle or boil near a site of his insulin injections a day or two ago. The center has a small erosion and is darker than the surrounding tissue. The patient waited an hour in a gurney before being seen by the physician, and the nurse says the red and purple area have grown about a centimeter in that time. The area is very tender to the touch. What is the next appropriate step?
3.*A 50 year-old man complains of severe itching and redness on both legs for several weeks with some weeping. He has been afebrile and uses moisturizers or other over-the-counter remedies twice daily. He can’t recall any history of leg swelling. What is the most likely diagnosis?
4.*A 42 year-old woman complains of redness and itching and tenderness on her left thigh for the past 2 days. It has started to have an odd shape moving up the leg and has a blister in the center. She has been afebrile. What is the most likely diagnosis?
5.*A 52 year-old woman complains of several days of itching and redness and tenderness / tightness on both her lower legs. Her legs swell during the day but are better after sleeping. She has been afebrile. What is the most likely diagnosis?
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