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The Red Face

1.*This is a 22 year-old man with a 3 months history of a rash on his face. He has tried no treatment. The appearance of the scale bothers him but the rash is otherwise asymptomatic. On exam he has some scaling in his external ear canals and in his eyebrows. What is the most likely diagnosis?
2.*For this patient, what is the most appropriate first-line therapy?
3.*This 31 year-old woman has a 1-2 year history of increasing redness on her face. She also reports some “bumps like pimples” that come and go. She tried some over-the-counter acne washes but they “really irritated” her skin. She is otherwise healthy and her review of systems is negative. What is the most likely diagnosis?
4.*For the patient above, what is the least appropriate treatment for this patient?
5.*A 44 year-old woman has had a scaling itchy rash on her eyelids for 2 months. She has a history of eczema as a child. She wears make-up most days and tried to cut-back when this rash started but she “needs to wear some to cover-up the rash when [she] goes out.” She has no other areas of rash. She is otherwise healthy and takes no medications. You think she has a form of eczema, an eyelid dermatitis. What is the appropriate therapy for this patient’s eyelid rash?
6.*This 19 year-old man has treated his acne with oral antibiotics for 3 months, topical retinoids nightly, and topical antibiotics in the morning. He continues to get new painful nodules on his temples. What is the most appropriate next step in treatment?