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Sun Protection

1.*You are called by the mother of a 4 year old patient. The mother reports her child has a painful sunburn involving the face, shoulders and back. She denies the presence of blistering of the skin. The following is appropriate advice to provide:
2.*While educating a 13 year old patient about sun protection, you tell her the following about use of sunscreens:
3.*A 3 day old male infant with jaundice (unconjugated bilirubin 19.2) is directly admitted to the hospital for blue-light phototherapy. Mother notes a family history of melanoma and is very worried about potential UV exposure at such a young age. What is the next best step?
4.*Your 13 year old patient with skin type VI has just been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. She is on several new medications for control of her nephritis and hypertension. The family is anxious and struggling to understand the implications of this disease. What is the best approach to counseling her about sun protection?
5.*A 15 year old female is concerned that she seems to be getting sunburned easily this summer; a careful medication history reveals that she is on 5 new medications. Which of the following is most likely to result in increased photosensitivity?
6.*A parent is wondering how to select an appropriate sun protection product for her child. Which of the following key words should she ensure is on the product's label?
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