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Red Scaly Rash


Which of the following terms is used to describe the initial lesion of pityriasis rosea?


In counseling a patient with pityriasis rosea, on average, how long should you tell them their rash will last?


A patient presents for a new rash on his arms and when he was put into the room he declined to put on an examination gown. What critically important feature of the rash cannot be assessed?

4.*A 35 year old patient comes to clinic because he has a worsening rash. He has had a rash in the past on his elbows and knees, but after finishing a “steroid pill” for his asthma his rash suddenly got worse. He also reports fevers and chills. On exam her has erythema involving 90% of his body surface area and there are some small pustules on top of the erythema on his trunk. What his the most appropriate next step for this patient?
5.*A 20 year-old woman has a new “spot” on her shoulder. She tried some moisturizer and triple antibiotic without improvement. It is mildly itchy. What is your next step in management?
6.*A 17 year-old man has this rash. It has been present for about 5 weeks and is mildly itchy. A potassium hydroxide mount is negative. What is the most likely diagnosis?
7.*This 44 year-old man has psoriasis that has not responded to topical steroids, topical vitamin D analogue and salicylic acid. He has approximately 11% body surface area involved by the psoriasis. On questioning he also reports increasing joint stiffness and pain in his wrists, fingers, and ankles. What is the most appropriate next step in management?
8.*This 22 year-old man has moist pink-red patches in his armpits, inguinal folds, umbilicus and gluteal cleft. The rash is occasionally itchy or burning. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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