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Pediatric Fungal Infections

1.*A 5 year-old girl developed a rash on her hand that was itchy. She was treated by her pediatrician with a topical steroid and it initially improved, but then worsened and became bullous (developed blisters). A course of oral antibiotics was not helpful. What is the most likely diagnosis?
2.*A 12 year-old boy developed scaly, dark patches on the upper chest. They were not symptomatic. What is the most likely diagnosis?
3.*A 9 year-old girl presents with an annular plaque on the arm with peripheral scale. Topical nystatin ointment is prescribed and 2 weeks later the rash is unchanged. What is the next best step?
4.*An 11 year-old boy presents with several patches of hair loss on the scalp. There are “black dots” within (broken hairs) and scaling as well as occipital lymphadenopathy. What is the next best step?
5.*A 7 year-old girl presents with a painful, boggy mass on the scalp with purulent exudate and broken hairs. A bacterial culture was negative. What is the next best step?
6.*A 4 month-old girl presents with beefy red plaques in the groin area with satellite pustules for 1 week. She cries with diaper changes and has not improved with good barrier creams such as zinc oxide paste. What is the best next step?
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