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Newborn Skin Disease: Rashes

1.*A 3-day-old male presents a 24 hour history of small white to yellow papules and pustules surrounded by erythematous (blotchy) skin. Areas involved include the face, trunk, and extremities. A swab taken from one of the pustules shows only numerous eosinophils. The patient is afebrile and otherwise healthy. What is the most like diagnosis?
2.*An 18-day-old female is brought to your office by her mother with a 5 day history of several red “pimples” on both cheeks. After examining the baby you tell mom that her baby has neonatal acne. Mom is breast feeding and she is concerned that her diet which includes dairy and gluten could be affecting her baby. What can you tell her about it?
3.*You received a call from the gynecology ward regarding a female newborn that presents with a widespread rash involving face, trunk and extremities. His lesions consist of pustules and hyperpigmented macules with discrete scaling in keeping with Transient Neonatal Pustular Melanosis. You performed a swab. What do you expect to find in the smear?
4.*A 5 days old male is admitted to the NICU for fever and blisters. You suspect that the baby has Neonatal herpes. Which of the following tests is NOT useful for confirming your clinical suspicion?
5.*You are consulted regarding a 10 day old baby boy that presents at birth with multiple, papulonodular, reddish-brown erythematous lesions and crusts of different sizes located on the scalp, face, trunk and diaper area. Some areas look like petechial. He is afebrile and has no other findings. What is the most likely diagnosis?
6.*A 4 month old girl is brought in by her father due to cradle cap since birth. You notice several erythematous plaques and greasy scales on the scalp and retro auricular are with several excoriations secondary to scratching. Mom has been using organic baby shampoo with no improvement. Which would be your management for this baby?
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