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Newborn Skin Disease: Birthmarks

1.*A 3 week-old male is brought to your office by his mother. She is concerned regarding a large brown plaque involving his entire right thigh. Her son’s pediatrician told her that her baby has a large congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN). What would you advise to her?
2.*Regarding congenital melanocytic nevi, in addition to size, which of the following characteristics is most predictive of potential for malignancy?
3.*Prophylactic surgical removal eliminate completely the risk of melanoma
4.*A 10 days Hispanic female presents with a large patch of blue-gray pigmentation with irregular shape, unclear edges and normal skin texture involving buttocks and lower back. She is otherwise healthy and has no dysmorphic features. Which is the most probable diagnosis?

You examine a 12 year old girl with a yellowish “birthmark” on the scalp. Her mother reports that the lesion has progressively become thicker and warty. She is asymptomatic but they are concern regarding the cosmetic appearance. Which is the most likely diagnosis?

6.*A newborn is admitted to the NICU for aplasia cutis congenital (ACC) in her scalp. You notice a dark tuft of hair (hair collar sign) around the periphery of the scalp defect. What would be your approach?
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