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A 63-year-old patient presents with a lesion on his toe that has doubled in size in the past year. It is non-tender and does not bleed, but his wife says it’s getting bigger and darker on one side. The macule is 7mm in diameter (see photos). Which of the following is the best next step?


Which of the following factors is of most prognostic value in determining survival rates in patients with primary cutaneous malignant melanomas?


Your patient’s brother was recently diagnosed with melanoma. She asks about risks for melanoma. Which of the following is true?

4.*Which of the following is most concerning for melanoma and should be biopsied?
5.*An 86 year-old man with no prior history of skin cancer presents with a 5mm round light and darker brown macule on his left anterior deltoid that has a hypopigmented / white center and asymmetry of pigmentation. He’s not sure how long it has been present. Which of the following do you recommend?
6.*Which of the following patients needs to be seen in dermatology every year?

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