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Infantile Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations

1.*This 3 month old infant has the following vascular lesion on her left cheek. The parents state it was not present at birth, but has been growing rapidly for the first few weeks of life. What is the correct diagnosis?
2.*You are asked to see a 2 month old infant with a bright red vascular plaque on the bilateral mandible area. You notice that the child has a hoarse cry on examination. What is your next step?
3.*A 6 year old presents to the pediatrician with a bleeding friable papule on the right temple that was first noted 3 weeks ago. What is the most likely diagnosis?
4.*A 1 month old presents with a 2 week history of a red slightly raised plaque on the left forehead, periorbital area and malar cheek with a rim of vasoconstriction around it. The lesion has been thickening each day per mom. For what syndrome should this patient be worked up?
5.*A 1 year old presents with flat dark red patches on the arms and legs and trunk. His head circumference is 99% and his left hand is notably larger in circumference and length than the right. What is the most appropriate next step?
6.*What is the most likely complication in this large, segmental infantile hemangioma of the forearm?
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