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Hair Loss

1.This 7-year-old girl has had 2 months of hair loss with scaling in a few small patches. This one on the front of her scalp is most noticeable. What is the first step in making the correct diagnosis?
2.An 10-year old boy has patches of hair loss with hairs of different lengths. His parents cut the hair short to try to prevent him from pulling on it. There is no scaling. What is the most likely diagnosis?
3.*A 30 year-old woman has two patches of hair loss that shed suddenly, but there are a few hairs growing within them. There is no scale, and the skin feels very smooth. What do you tell her about the prognosis?
4.*A 35 year-old woman with normal menstrual periods complains of sudden hair loss throughout the scalp, over the past few weeks. She is not getting much sleep with her 6-month old breastfeeding throughout the night. She notices many more hairs in the drain in the shower and on her hair brush. What is the most likely cause of this hair loss?
5.*This 58 year-old woman complains of gradual hair loss starting on the top of her scalp. She’s worried about going bald and wants to ask your recommendation for treatment. What would you recommend first?
6.*This 45 year-old woman complains of gradual loss of hair in the front of her scalp. There is a similar change on the sides. What would you recommend to prevent further loss?
7.*A 36 year-old woman presents with a year of progressive hair loss. She notices scaling around the hair follicles, a tender sensation, and a shiny scalp without hair follicles in patches. What would be the next best course of action?
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