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Dermatoses of Pregnancy

1.*Mrs. Cantrell, mother of two small children, presents with complaint of intensely pruritic skin for two weeks; she cannot obtain relief with topical steroids. She and her children have been to the park, but she did not see any poison ivy. She is in her third trimester. There are no primary skin findings. There are secondary excoriations. Which of the following diagnosis is most likely?
2.*To make a diagnosis of pemphigoid gestationis is this expectant mother, the following should be true:
3.*With the presence of maternal pemphigoid gestationis, the following best describes the complications that may exist:
4.*This healthy 29 year-old mother has very itchy hive-like changes in the stretch marks of her abdomen. What potential complications should be discussed with her?
5.*Oral steroids may be needed for treatment of extensive pemphigoid gestationis and pruritic papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP). Which of the following is true concerning the use of oral steroids in pregnancy?
6.*During pregnancy, blisters are commonly formed with:
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