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Blotches: Light Rashes


6 yo female with a history of allergic rhinitis and asthma presents to clinic for evaluation of white spots on her face. The spots initially were erythematous and had a sparse powdery scale. Her parents were treating the areas with hydrocortisone cream as recommended by their doctor. After treatment for 1 week the spots appeared whiter. Her parents are very concerned that the topical steroid has caused damage. What is the most appropriate next step?


Based on the below photo what is the most likely diagnosis?

3.*What is the first line therapy for the above diagnosis?
4.*What is the best treatment recommendation of choices below for this diagnosis?
5.*Choose the area which is NOT a common location of seborrheic dermatitis in adults
6.*What diagnostic test would be best to confirm your diagnosis in this patient?
7.I would recommend this module to a peer or student:
8.The online modules increased your ability to visually recognize skin disease:
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10.Please use the space below to share any opportunities for improvement for this module.