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Blotches: Dark Rashes


What is the most likely diagnosis?

2.*What is the most important aspect of treatment/prevention for the above condition?
3.*50 year-old female presents for her yearly follow up on papulopustular rosacea. She is doing well on her current regimen of minocycline 100mg every day and metronidazole cream. She is asking for refills. However, she is worried about the potential long-term side effects. When looking for early signs of minocycline-induced pigmentation, where is the first place that it deposits?
4.*55 year-old woman presents to clinic for evaluation of this leg condition with an intermittently itchy rash for several months. What is the most likely condition?
5.*For the patient in question 4, in addition to compression what topical treatment would you recommend?
6.*A 30 year-old woman presents for evaluation of new dark spots on the back of her neck. It is asymptomatic. Her mother has a similar change on her neck and so the patient is wondering if it could possibly be an inherited condition. How should you counsel her?