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Bacterial Skin Infections


This patient has this eruption on his abdomen. He is a swimmer so extensively shaves his body hair and recently took antibiotics for a sinus infection. Which one of the features of this case is NOT a risk factor for methicillin-resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) infection?


Which one of these clinical images is most consistent with impetigo?

3.*A 18 year-old man has a new painful raised erythematous nodule on his knee that is fluctuant on palpation. What is the most appropriate management for this patient?
4.*What is the most likely etiology of this patient’s cellulitis?
5.*This 30-year old patient has a painful rash on his thigh. He works in construction and thinks this is where a piece of metal injured him a couple days ago. Over the past 24 hours the area is being more purple, spreading, and very painful. What is the most likely diagnosis?
6.*What is the most appropriate initial treatment for this patient?

Ten players on a basketball team have been diagnosed with impetigo. The team doctor should:


Your patient presents with a three day history of a new expanding red tender plaque on his right lower leg. The probable diagnosis is:


This patient has erysipelas. What statement(s) is(are) true?


MRSA risk factors include

11.*Oral antibiotic(s) that is (are) used to treat more extensive impetigo include

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