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Advanced Pediatric Bacterial Infections


This patient has a 2 day history of this painful, rapidly evolving, vesiculobullous eruption on the face, including the periorbital area. He feels unwell, but does not report a viral prodrome. No other areas of the body are affected. What is your diagnosis?

2.*What is the most appropriate management course for this patient?
3.*A 2 1/2 month old infant presents with fever, rhinorrhea, facial crusting and the below neck rash. He has had decreased PO intake and irritability over the past day. Your diagnosis is:
4.*Which of the following treatments would be considered as an effective therapy for the above diagnosis?
5.*A 6-year-old gymnast presents with the following skin rash that developed on her leg over the past few days. She has had no cold symptoms or fever and overall feels well. Which of the following is the MOST LIKELY diagnosis?
6.*Which of the following would confirm the diagnosis?
7.I would recommend this module to a peer or student:
8.The online modules increased your ability to visually recognize skin disease:
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10.Please use the space below to share any opportunities for improvement for this module.